Merrilee D. Photography | About

You found me! I’m Merrilee. I’m a mama of three boys. They’ve kind of turned me into a hippy. I married my high school sweetheart 14 years ago, and he’s still my favorite. My family is hysterical and they make me laugh on a daily basis.  They did not get it from me.

I’m a huge geek. I’ll take Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Doctor Who any day of the week. My children can identify a TARDIS, name all the characters in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy AND The Hobbit, and know to say “EXTERMINATE” when talking into a box fan. That’s just how we roll. Since I’m a mama of boys I know how to successfully navigate a lego minefield, where appropriate trees to pee on are, and can geocache with the best of them. Fart jokes no longer phase me.

As far as the photography part goes, I’ve had cameras in hand since I was 6. I picked up photography more seriously after the birth of my oldest son and the mall portrait studio just wasn’t cutting it for me. With my background in the industry and my passion for creating, my hobby just kept growing. And now it’s what I do! I love all of it. My oldest child is following in my footsteps while running away from my lens, and the other two can't keep a straight face. I enjoy outtakes almost as much (if not more) then nice smiling pictures. I really love capturing the moment and expressions of who they really are.